Everything you need to know !


When ? Saturday and Sunday July, 4th and 5th from 10 am to 9 pm.

Where ? In Saint-Malo at the feet of the mythical Corsair City

Tickets ? One Day Pass or Two Day Pass will be available at the show but you can already purchase presale tickets here on the website. It is less expensive and Presale tickets will go through a priority lane without having to queue 😉

For whom ? The convention is open to anyone, free for accompanied children under 12 and there is even a reduced rate for people under 18 upon justification. We only ask parents with very young children to avoid pushchairs in the convention. That goes without saying but no minor will be allowed to get tattooed.

What ? Around a hundred of exhibitors : Tattoo Artists, Piercing Artists, Tattoo equipment, Clothing, Accessories, Jewels, candies and many more. There will be an indoor and an outdoor refreshment area, food trucks to satisfy your appetites.

Can I get tattooed during the convention ? Yes, that’s the whole point! for the lucky ones who will have managed to get an appointment with one of the artists ! To do so, you want to address yourself directly to the artists. Their facebook pages or websites are available under every artist here. Look out ! For the most part they are very much in demand. Check with the artists first their availabilities and rates.

The Shows ? Numerous shows are on the menu : Burlesque shows, Circus Artists, and many more. We won’t say more as we want to save some surprises !

Where to park ? We have reserved an entire parking lot in front of the venue. Just because that’s the kind of guys we are !

Weather ? In Saint-Malo, it only rains on the grumpy people, but even if the rain wants to join the party, everybody will be sheltered, don’t panic !

Pets ? No pets allowed for obvious hygienic reasons. We love them though, we swear !

Your money back ? Tickets will not be reimbursed. If you have any query, don’t hesitate to let us know, we can sometimes be accommodating.