Kalil Moktar : A tattooist from Brittany

  • 29 mars 2016
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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself ? Where are you from and How long have you been tattooing ?

To keep it short, it all started back in 1991 when I first met Micka from Vitré, FR. It means a lot to me, since it is thanks to Micka that I got hooked on tattoos and everything related to them.
In 2010, as I wanted to improve as an artist, I had the huge opporttunity to come across Stéphane Chaudesaigues who is both a friend and a guide to me.
He offered me way more than just the technic ; Thanks to him, I got to meet household names such as Shane O’Neill, Nikko Hurtado, Joe Capobianco, Bop John, Bernard Soufflet, Pitou and so many more.
The love and passion I carry for tattoos along with all the persons I’ve met along the way have made it possible for me to organise The Corsair Tattoo Ink.


Kalil Moktar - Itinéraire d'un tatoueur breton

How did you come up with the idea of this convention ?

It is first ans foremost the people I met who gave me the idea to put together the convention of St-Malo. During these great shows that tattoo conventions are, we come across different people with different backgrounds and you generally end up meeting interesting persons. As far as I’m concerned, it is The Festival du Tatouage in Cantal organised by Stéphane and Cécile Chaudesaigues along with The Cézanne Tattoo Ink in Aix-en-Provence organised by Pitou and Thierry that fueled my desire to come up with my own show.

Why in St-malo ?

Tattoos are essentially visual and I wanted The Corsair tattoo Ink to embrace and emphasize this idea.
What better location to organise such an event than the corsair city of Saint-Malo ? Where the sea, the ships and the architecture all mix together. Even the hall where the convention will take place is an upside-down ship hull.
The other reasons, more pragmatic, are : the proximity of the airport, numerous hotels, the High Speed Rail Station, restaurants, beaches, the casino and so on.


Can you present us the artists of The Corsair ?

For the selection of the artists I took two elements into consideration : The quality of their work and the friendly relationship I have with them.
I ‘ll give you the names as they come to my mind and obviously I will begin with the ladies : Barbara Rosendo, Manuella Ana, Corinne Dubosque, Nina, Rebeca Orts, Sarah, Roxanne Duquenne, Kalie.
As for the boys, I’ll begin with Goran Ivic, Yannick Lemitre, Thomas Carli-Jarlier, Bop John et Greg, Bernard Soufflet, Steven and his illustrious father Stéphane Chaudesaigues, my two sons : Kalil Jr and Calvin, Nico Mariette, Chris Duquenne, Edouard Cop, Valmyr Salt, Florinel Oprea, Antoine Jamet de Saint-Malo, Matthieu Kipic, Fab d’Onirik Tatouages, Kevin Pizorno, Geoffrey Daeghsels, Christophe Raynaud, Pitou, Pierro Zik and many more.

On the international side, we will be honored by the presence of Matteo Pasqualin, Shane O’Neill, Tery Do, Nunzio Tannoia, Michele Mazzetto, David Vliers as well as Honda Tsuyoshi, an authentic Japanese Master.

How can this convention differ from others ? What atmosphere do you want to set for the Corsair ?

The theme of the corsairs and the location of the event are naturally linked with the sea and it was thanks to that means that tattoos got to Europe.
What a treat for a tattooist to perform his/her passion fifty meters away from the sea where « L’étoile du Roy » (King’s star) is moored, a corsair frigate that takes us right to the sea universe.
Shows combining sensuality, charm, music, pyrotechnics and numerous surprises will spice up the Corair Tattoo Ink.
The atmosphere I wish to see bloom during this convention is the one of comradeship, brotherhood and friendship. These are values that I hold important if they are sincere.

What are your expectations for this first edition and what future do you see for the Corsair ?

That goes without saying that I wish the Corsair tattoo Ink to be a success.
I want it to become a lasting must-go event in the tattoo world where the words family and friendship resonate .
To accomplish this, I am surrounded by a dedicated group of people willing to offer all the tattoo fans a convention in Brittany that will stay in people’s mind.

Long life to the Corsair Tattoo Ink !

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